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poor Internet access can result in downtime

Cloud services are indispensable for any company running business applications.

Hosted ERP or financial systems such as JD Edwards

Salesforce, Microsoft Office365, Microsoft Teams, voice and other cloud-based applications.
It will come as no surprise to businesses running these applications that cloud services rely heavily on Internet access.
The Internet is the circulatory system of cloud information and it’s critical to the lifeblood of your business.
Yet cloud services are only as good as your Internet access; inferior connection and access can be highly disruptive to your vital everyday business functions.
You might learn the hard way that unreliable connectivity can result in difficulty with hosted applications, including high latency, poor performance and user frustration.
Worse, poor Internet access can result in downtime, and that can cost you valuable production time, poor customer experience and considerable dollars and cents.
Typical SD-WAN technology addresses some of these concerns with multi-connection redundancy and improved reliability but users may still experience disruption, performance issues and service disconnect during the failover.
The good news is there is a smart solution called Smart ConNEXion based on Cloud SD-WAN technology that will ensure vastly superior access to your vital cloud-based data and apps.
Smart ConNEXion provides myriad benefits over traditional SD-WAN and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and is essentially your business fail-safe in keeping your applications running at peak performance.

What are the advantages of Smart ConNEXion

There are many, and your business will start reaping these benefits immediately:  More reliable connectivity with multiple Internet Service Providers, or ISPs Virtually ZERO Packet loss, extremely low latency, and jitter Continuous high speed and availability, and an overall enhanced Quality of Experience (QoE) Global Server Load Balancing, or GSLB, offered with Fail-Safe: It provides a unique public IP bloc — with no lost calls during switch from production Unrivaled connection to cloud services designed for absolutely ZERO downtime Agility and scalability, enabling users to add new locations rapidly without any disruption Lower operating expenses for both bandwidth and management  Data Storage Corporation., a premier provider of infrastructure and business continuity services, has just launched this unique WAN solution that is a game-changer in connectivity.

It’s called Smart ConNEXion with FailSAFE

and it’s a complete solution engineered to provide unprecedented connectivity to customers’ critical Cloud services.
Smart ConNEXion with FailSAFE has undergone rigorous testing and is now available to businesses seeking the highest-caliber Internet connectivity experience.
At Data Storage Corporation.
it’s our mission to help businesses increase productivity and efficiency by utilizing the latest technologies in data protection, continuity and connectivity to the cloud.
As such, .

DSC is currently offering THREE MONTHS FREE of our new Smart ConNEXion service

Contact us today to learn more.


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