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and even working from your favorite Starbucks cafe

By: Jonathan Edwards, Senior Director of Strategy, SecureITsource    Creating Productive and Secure Work from Home Environments    By now we are all aware of the extensive effects of COVID-19, well-beyond the public health crisis sweeping the globe.
The pandemic has proven to be a catalyst for many organizations to quickly expand their remote user capabilities and address business users, in addition to standard IT users.
This dramatic move to a Work from Home (WFH) environment has taxed the technological capabilities of many organizations, especially those small- to mid-sized companies that just don’t have the resources to quickly — safely —implement a WFH environment.
Today, security and IT teams responsible for Identity and Access Management (IAM) are also tasked with simultaneously improving overall security and reducing friction for the end-user.
And all of this must be accomplished under an umbrella of numerous, strict compliance standards.
The good news is while remote work is new to many, it’s a scenario that has been around quite some time.
The workforce has steadily been expanding remote work scenarios while visiting customer and partner sites, traveling in airports, and even working from your favorite Starbucks cafe.
As a result, the technology to enable productive and secure work from home environments also exists.
Okta, the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise.

Has advanced Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor (MFA) technology

allowing an organization to modernize into a seamless and secure experience for all users, whether on-premises or remote.
Join Us for a Webinar on the 3 Keys to IAM Success with Okta    To help organizations safely navigate the IAM waters.

We are hosting 3 Keys to Identity and Access Management Success with Okta on Thursday

June 4 at 3pm ET.
Mike Campbell, an Okta Certified Consultant, and I will be sharing our insight and expertise based on years of experience in successfully rolling out Okta IAM solutions.
We’ll also take a look at some of the business factors that are driving the implementation of SSO and MFA policies, .

As well as how the Okta Integration Network has revolutionized SSO for end users

As a thank you we’ll be providing all attendees with a copy of the IAM Maturity Model to help you determine the health of your program and provide you with a roadmap for achieving IAM success.

We look forward to putting you on the path to IAM success — reserve your spot today
Webinar Details    3 Keys to Identity and Access Management Success with Okta    Thursday

June 4th | 3:00pm EDT    REGISTER.


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