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The cost for the Russian region has not been specified

Publisher Playstack and development studio Cold Symmetry on the official website of their dark action RPG Mortal Shell have announced plans to release a retail version of the game.
Due to the additional time spent on production, Mortal Shell will go on sale on discs one and a half months after the release of the project in digital format – on October 2 of this year and only in Europe and North America.

The retail edition of Mortal Shell is intended for all target platforms (PC

PS4, Xbox One), however, there will not be a disc in the box specifically with the PC version as such – just a download code from the Epic Games Store.
In addition to the game (on disc or as a code), .

The retail Mortal Shell will include a paperback artbook and a fold-out poster

The kit will retail for $ 30 / £ 30 / € 35.
The cost for the Russian region has not been specified.
“We have heard your requests.
In fact, we were overwhelmed by the number of people who requested the physical edition of the Mortal Shell.
“, – the developers have shared.
Mortal Shell is set in a fantasy world where “The remnants of humanity wither and rot”…  Users will have to fight enemies and awaken mortal shells (hence the name of the game) fallen warriors.
The premiere of Mortal Shell in digital format is expected on August 18 this year on PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Due to technical issues, .

The project can only be pre-ordered from the Epic Games Store

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