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How to Download Twitter Videos for Free?

Videos and GIFs are in a surge in Twitter. You might feel like sharing it with your friends and family for fun but unfortunately, the official Twitter does not have a video download option.
However, this increase in interest for downloading Twitter videos for free resulted in the birth of many third-party tools allowing you to convert Twitter to mp4. In fact, there are various ways of downloading videos and GIFs from Twitter. These methods are tried and tested and we have made sure that these methods are reliable. Now let’s talk about these methods one by one.
1. Downloading Videos/GIFs from Twitter using third-party tools
When you want to download a video you liked from Twitter, you can install a third-party tool to your system such as Gihosoft TubeGet (for windows or mac) that can help you download the videos. Apart from Twitter videos, you can also download Facebook videos using the same software. Additionally, you can use online tools such as SaveTweetVid and enter the Twitter URL containing the video you like to convert the Twitter video into mp4 and download it.

2. Download Videos from Twitter on iPhone and iPad
Twitter is the place where memes are born and is still the best social media platform for breaking news. If you have been using Twitter for a while now, you might have come across videos that you would want to save on your iPhone or iPad. Not only Twitter, but Apple also makes it impossible for downloading videos from Twitter. Follow the below-mentioned steps to download your favorite videos from Twitter.

Search for Documents by Readdle in Apple store and then install it
When you will open the app, you will see a compass button on the bottom right corner of the app. Click on this button and you will enter into a built-in Safari browser
Search Twitter Video Downloader on the browser and then paste the Twitter link with the video in it.
Once pasted, the video will be downloaded on your iPhone/iPad. However, it will only be visible in the Documents App.

3. Download Videos from Twitter on your Android Smartphone
For many of us, it’s great fun to share funny videos published by people on Twitter. Most of us use Twitter only to know the latest industry trends and watch funny videos. Then there comes the toughest situation, downloading those videos. In order to download videos from Twitter on your Android follow the below-mentioned steps.

Install Video Downloader for Twitter from Google Play Store
Go back to Twitter App and look for the video you want to download, play the video in full screen
Tap on the “Share” button present at the bottom of the screen and select Video Downloader for Twitter from the available options.
Choose the video format and quality you want
Click on Download button and your video will be saved in your Android phone

4. Download Twitter Videos with Plugin
From funny cricket videos to makeup tutorials, there are a lot of funny videos that might make you feel that you should be downloading it as soon as you see it. Fortunately, apart from the three steps mentioned above, you can also download videos from Twitter via extensions and plugins.
Install the extension “Twitter Media Downloader” on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to download videos/GIFs from Twitter. The biggest advantage of using this plugin is, you can batch download videos/GIFs from Twitter. Follow the below-mentioned steps to download videos via Twitter Media Downloader extension.

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Search Twitter Media Downloader on the Chrome web store and click on Add to Chrome
Open the Twitter account of the video owner where you will find a download arrow beside the “Media” column
Specify the Twitter Id. A Twitter Id is nothing but the numerical part of the Twitter URL. Choose the number of Tweets you want to download.
Enter the Tweet Id range you want to download along with the media format you want to download
Click on the start button and a ZIP file with the videos you have selected will be downloaded

Final Thoughts
Downloading videos and GIFs from Twitter can be a difficult task unless and until you follow the above-mentioned steps. So, the next time you come across a funny video on Twitter, follow our steps and download them to play it anywhere, anytime as you like.
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