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Contest: Win a Graphic Artist Software Bundle + $25 PayPal Cash

So over at HumbleBundle they have their new Painter – Create with Confidence Bundle which has a total 10 software downloads which includes the following software and add-ons.
Main Software
Gravit Designer Pro
PaintShop Pro 2020 Ultimate
Corel Painter 2019
Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate
Corel Particle Shop Plugin
Brush Pack – Animation
Brush Pack – Superheroes
Bruch Pack – Manga
Brush Pack – Concept Design
All in all, this is $998 worth of software that they were selling for just $25 and I can tell you that any one of these software pieces alone is well worth that cost.  Heck Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate includes over 2000+ assets and effects because it is the Ultimate bundle and is a fantastic choice for anybody who wants to do any video editing including Twitch streamers and YouTubers who want to edit and add tracks/effects/overlays to their clips and vids.    Here is the system requirements from this bundle on what OS/software/languages are supported.
Honestly, the deal was just so good I bought a gift copy to giveaway to someone who is lucky enough to win and wants the entire pack but just couldn’t shell out the $25 to get the pack.  I am also putting an additional $25 PayPal cash on top of the bundle to the winner as an additional prize.
Enter to Win
Enter to win a Graphic Designer Software Bundle + $25

*Note, some of this software may not be able to redeem in some countries.
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